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 Unhappy Partner

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PostSubject: Unhappy Partner   Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:59 pm

helnik17 steps from his office, the sound of hammers and saws inside show that the office is still getting repairs put into it.

Jonathon Wulf can be seen down the hall, staring daggers at helnik as he approaches him

Jonathon Wulf: So that's how you play? Letting your lap dog follow me as a tag partner?

helnik17: First off, Hotshot is not a lap dog, he's my best friend. Secondly, I can put you in any match I please, and AFTER your little declaration of war, I just may answer on it. How's a gauntlet match with every single wrestler in the arena sound?

Jonathon Wulf and helnik17 press against each others heads, both of them not budging an inch.

Jonathon Wulf: Do however you please, but I'll let you know, here and now, I can be torn limb from limb and my blood can be spread across the entire arena, but when the sun sets and the moon rises, I WILL BE THE LAST XTREMIST STANDING!

Jonathon pushes helnik away with both of his hands and prepares to walk off when Hotshot shows up.

Hotshot: You're funny looking when your head swells up, makes you look like a cherry.

Jonathon Wulf grips Hotshot's shirt and pulls him in to his face, his sharp teeth dangerously close to biting him.

Jonathon Wulf: I can make you look like a cherry too, and all I need to do it is with my bare hands.

Jonathon Wulf raises one of his clawed hands and flexes it a few times near Hotshots face.

Hotshot doesn't show any fear at this.

Hotshot: Just try it. Give helnik an excuse to kick you out of here, permanently.

Jonathon Wulf turns to helnik and back to Hotshot.

Jonathon Wulf lets go of Hotshot and points a finger at him.

Jonathon Wulf: If you even try to stab me in the back in that tag match, I will make sure that no one will recognize you.

Jonathon Wulf storms off, giving the occasional bark at passing backstage hands.

helnik17: Think you can handle him Hotshot?

Hotshot: It'll be like training a new puppy when we go out there.

Permissions Needed - Hotshot, helnik17

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PostSubject: Re: Unhappy Partner   Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:27 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Unhappy Partner   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:22 pm

Marking for deletion as the segment is moved into Archive
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PostSubject: Re: Unhappy Partner   

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Unhappy Partner
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