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 Ritual scrafice (win/lose situation)

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PostSubject: Ritual scrafice (win/lose situation)   Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:18 pm


After the fight Jacques Denuit is still dizzy and cannot stand on his own, Angadialas points at the big screen with his magic sign and almost all lights fade in the arena. Angadialas then leaves the ring and picks up something from beneth the ring, it seems to be two long sticks and some other objects. He climbs back on the ring and grabs Jacques Denuit by his hands and ties then to one stick, also doing the same to the legs, he carries him to the corner and blocks the sticks between the ropes exposing Jacques bare chest, then he sprazs his fingers with liquid and starts to draw something on Jacques chest. It is a symbolic runic "A" and it starts to smoke as it touches Jacques skin.

Angadialas: Now cover in fear! As the sacrafice is only the beggining of the hell that I will bring on all those fools on the night of LXS!

Angadialas rushes to the ropes and bounces off them towards Jacques Denuit stil being unable to move, Angadialas performs a devastating Scarlet Lightning on him!


Angadialas lays on the mat while the crowd cheers the victor, he rolls to the end of the ring and falls down. Jacques Denuit looks at him for a brief moment then turns to the crowd. Angadials crawls back a the ring and stands up with the help of the ropes. He starts to walk slowly towards Jacques limping with each step. Jacques looks towards him and is suddenly blinded by the liquid Angadialas sprays from his mouth. He seems to be back in form and grabs Jacques head to perform Death Hand on him. As Jacques Denuit is laying after that blow, his face is sprayed with green liquid Angadialas slowly leaves the ring.

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Ritual scrafice (win/lose situation)
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