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 Jonathon Wulf's & Cynthia Red's Bio

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Jonathon Wulf's & Cynthia Red's Bio Empty
PostSubject: Jonathon Wulf's & Cynthia Red's Bio   Jonathon Wulf's & Cynthia Red's Bio I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2012 11:41 pm

Jonathon Wulf
Nickname - The Lone Wulf
Catchphrase - No true catchphrase
From Sunnyvale, Illinois
Height - 6' 3"
Weight - 202 pounds
Attire - Wrestling Tights, scratches around the knees
Hobby - Hunting
Goal - Complete Domination
Character - Heel, however he has no preference of prey

Jonathon Wulf was born in Sunnyvale, Illinois. His rival managed to graduate from the wrestling college before he could, making him bitter. Sharpening his teeth and nails, he became more animalistic much like his rival. Jonathon only cares about destroying his opponents.

He is followed by his Talent Manager, Cynthia Red. She makes sure that Jonathon gets tough opponents and also ensures that Jonathon is happy. Cynthia Red was Jonathon's former girlfriend before he left her for the wrestling college and she tries her best to rekindle the former love that they had.

Name - Cynthia Red
Nickname - Red
Height - 5' 11"
Weight - 155 lbs
Attire - Red suit jacket, black undershirt, knee length black skirt, knee high leather boots
Job - Talent Manager of Jonathon Wulf
Goal - Become a recognized name in wrestling history

Cynthia Red is a sly and devious woman that stalks the backstage area. Having eyes and ears on all points of the arena for opportunities, she looks for wrestlers that her clients can fight and for her to offer her services as a Talent Manager.
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Jonathon Wulf's & Cynthia Red's Bio
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