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 Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)

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PostSubject: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:06 pm

Before Match -

'A Wulf in an unfriendly Enviroment Part 2'
Cynthia goes to the locker room door that reads 'Wulf's Den' on it and knocks on it.

Cynthia Red: Johnny? Are you still in there? It's time for your match.

The door opens, showing Jonathon Wulf has been recently crying.
He punches the locker room door and gives a bark of determination as he begins to walk to the entrance ramp.
As he walks, he starts to hum 'Scarborough Fair' by Simon & Garfunkel, Cynthia Red looking at his depressed face

Cynthia Red: Are you feeling alright? I haven't seen you like this at all...

Jonathon Wulf doesn't respond, his once overpowering presence of fear is no longer there.
He finally reaches the entrance curtain and stands there, listening to the crowd outside boo as they've been watching him on the Titantron

*If possible, after match*

Jonathon Wulf looks around the arena at the booing crowd, no sign of his usual menace showing as he calmly steps from the ring and puts an arm around Cynthia Red.

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:08 pm


'The Alpha Wulf'
A woman dressed in a red suit, black undershirt, black knee-length skirt is walking the area and looking around carefully.

A backstage helper approaches her

Backstage Helper: Pardon me, but are you looking for something?

Cynthia Red: Yes, I am. Well, actually its a someone, but considering how he's been recently...

The man looks confused while the woman politely stifles a laugh and then looks towards the camera in shock.

The man looks at Cynthia before turning towards what she's staring at as the camera charges at him.

The camera hits the ground, temporarily cutting out until it kicks back on to show the backstage helper getting clawed at by a man with sharp fingernails.

The backstage helper screams in terror before a black chair hits him in the face, knocking him out.

The man goes to the camera and haphazardly points it to himself before motioning the woman to take the camera.

Cynthia Red: Johnny, what in the hell are you even thinking?

Jonathon Wulf: I want the sheep to ask that, not you.

Jonathon Wulf crouches next to the backstage help and he puts a hand on the bleeding head of the backstage help.

Jonathon Wulf: Hello again, worthless sheep. Have you been sleeping well since I left your dreams? Are you ready to step back into my wood and frolic about? With no care in the world as you play?

Jonathon pulls his hand away from the bloody head of the backstage help and starts licking it, chuckling evilly as he does, the camera focuses into Jonathon's teeth. All sharpened to a sharp point and brightly shining.

Jonathon Wulf: You all recognize the color of blood, how it flows just as beautifully as water. I want you all to get used to it again. To fear it again.

A security guard appears on the far end of the hallway, he starts to run up to Jonathon and the fallen help.

Jonathon Wulf takes the black chair and wheels around to slam the guard into the chair and wall, laughing as he sees the guard collapse to the floor.

Jonathon Wulf: I will not be denied of my title as the alpha male in this business. All and any of those foolish enough to want to cross my path, know this.
In the deep of the wood, when the trail becomes lost, know that you aren't alone.
Don't think that escape will be easy, as you will be followed.
When you are caught, don't struggle, lest your predator bites down harder.
As you die, pray to a god, any will do, and beg for forgiveness

Jonathon then starts waltzing away from the camera as its set down, Cynthia Red going alongside with him as she looks back at the two fallen men


'Staff Meeting'
The show opens on all of the wrestlers, interviewers, ringside announcers, security team, and backstage hands in a large room in front of a podium.

helnik17 stands up and stands behind the podium, causing the mumbling crowd to settle down.

helnik17: Thank you all for coming, after the first week of action we had, I figured I needed to establish the ground rules of this federation.

Rule 1 - I make the wrestling card, so anyone here that want's to argue over the fact that they want to wrestle on a specific day, can it. Unless you WANT me to put you in handicap matches because you make me angry, don't make any requests unless otherwise stated.

Jonathon Wulf in the back starts growling angrily, causing Cynthia Red to whisper at him.

Cynthia Red: Knock it off, Johnny!

helnik17: Rule 2 - We want this place to be a safe environment for everyone as well, see those group of security officers over there?

helnik17 points the the group of uniformed guards which are headed by Raphael Chastang, head of security

helnik17: It is there duty to restrain any fighting that may occur out of anger from any of you in the arena, and any incident that involves fighting outside of the ring gets reported to me for dealing out punishment.

The reason I mention this is because last week, I lost 5 of the backstage crew to mysterious circumstances, 2 security guards that were ambushed by an unknown assailant, and a letter of complaint about the noise level from the state patrol when they saw a motorcycle peeling out of the arena and doing donuts before going back into the parking lot.

In short, you don't make a ruckus, and I'll be happy. If you make a ruckus, I'll make you pay for it.

Rule 3 - My office is NOT a get together spot! When I came in this week, I had to shoo out half of you in order to get the construction team inside to do their job to fix my office.

Hotshot: We were just admiring the large hole that Cynthia made in the ceiling.

Cynthia Red: I already told you, it was an accident!

Beast of Fire: Oh, here we go again.

The crowd begins arguing over the state of the office and helnik17 slams his fist down on the podium to recapture everyone's attention

helnik17: Stop it! Until further notice, my office is closed until repairs are finished with it, GOT IT?!

Everyone goes silent as helnik17 pulls his fist from the podium and shakes it in pain before continuing.

helnik17: Those are the main three things I wanted to get out. Last item of buisness however, is this.

helnik17 pulls a box from the podium, the front reading 'PPV Name Suggestion Box' on it.

helnik17: Any of you that wants to assist with giving our first Pay Per View a name, fill out a sheet of paper and put it in this box that will be hanging outside of my office.

Are there any questions?

Jonathon Wulf's hand goes up, making helnik pause before pointing him out.

Jonathon Wulf: Where are you hiding the title belts, helnik?

The crowd starts agreeing

Angadialas sighs as people are getting worked out over such topics, stands up and leaves the room.

The Crowing: Yes, where is my rightful crown over these insects?

Bobkill: Your crown? You should be more worried about keeping up your magic tricks instead of going after what is mine!

The Masked Muscle Bruiser: Whatever, you wouldn't be able to touch gold if I got a hold of the championship!

Hotshot: Uh, helnik? How good are your security guys?

The entire room bursts into a pile of fighting and screaming, causing the security members to try and rip off each wrestler off each other one by one. Soon, all is left is Hotshot and helnik17.

helnik17: Hotshot?

Hotshot: Yeah, man?

helnik17: Was that a good meeting?

Hotshot pats helnik17 on the back

Hotshot: Considering this was your first big meeting with a bunch of crazy wrestlers, I'd say it actually went pretty well.

'Unhappy Partner'
helnik17 steps from his office, the sound of hammers and saws inside show that the office is still getting repairs put into it.

Jonathon Wulf can be seen down the hall, staring daggers at helnik as he approaches him

Jonathon Wulf: So that's how you play? Letting your lap dog follow me as a tag partner?

helnik17: First off, Hotshot is not a lap dog, he's my best friend. Secondly, I can put you in any match I please, and AFTER your little declaration of war, I just may answer on it. How's a gauntlet match with every single wrestler in the arena sound?

Jonathon Wulf and helnik17 press against each others heads, both of them not budging an inch.

Jonathon Wulf: Do however you please, but I'll let you know, here and now, I can be torn limb from limb and my blood can be spread across the entire arena, but when the sun sets and the moon rises, I WILL BE THE LAST XTREMIST STANDING!

Jonathon pushes helnik away with both of his hands and prepares to walk off when Hotshot shows up.

Hotshot: You're funny looking when your head swells up, makes you look like a cherry.

Jonathon Wulf grips Hotshot's shirt and pulls him in to his face, his sharp teeth dangerously close to biting him.

Jonathon Wulf: I can make you look like a cherry too, and all I need to do it is with my bare hands.

Jonathon Wulf raises one of his clawed hands and flexes it a few times near Hotshots face.

Hotshot doesn't show any fear at this.

Hotshot: Just try it. Give helnik an excuse to kick you out of here, permanently.

Jonathon Wulf turns to helnik and back to Hotshot.

Jonathon Wulf lets go of Hotshot and points a finger at him.

Jonathon Wulf: If you even try to stab me in the back in that tag match, I will make sure that no one will recognize you.

Jonathon Wulf storms off, giving the occasional bark at passing backstage hands.

helnik17: Think you can handle him Hotshot?

Hotshot: It'll be like training a new puppy when we go out there.


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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:10 pm

Locker Room

'You don't know the meaning of Vicious'
Vicious71 is preparing in his locker room, when he hears his door open.
He turns to see Jonathon Wulf looking up at him, he doesn't look very pleased to see Vicious

Vicious71: Well, well, well. And who are you?

Jonathon Wulf continues to stare intensely at Vicious as the locker room door opens again,
Cynthia Red now enters and stands next to Jonathon Wulf.

Jonathon Wulf: There are so many predators in the woods, and not enough sheep to feed off of.

Cynthia Red: What he's actually saying is that you need to be careful about mentioning that you are going to spill blood in this company.

Vicious71 looks down at Cynthia and then back to Jonathon Wulf.

Vicious71: What's the matter? Need a woman with you to stand up against me?

Jonathon Wulf breathes harder and he opens his left hand, revealing that he's cut himself with his fingernails.
Jonathon Wulf then wipes the bloody hand on Vicious, causing Vicious71 to back off and look down at the mark.

Jonathon Wulf: You're a marked man, I'll be able to smell you wherever you are.

Jonathon motions Cynthia Red to leave, as she leaves Jonathon Wulf grins, showing his sharp teeth.

Jonathon Wulf: The reason I have her is so I don't hurt my competition.

Jonathon goes to leave.

Jonathon Wulf: Unless I feel like it.

Jonathon Wulf turns and both he and Vicious71 start punching each other in the locker room.
Vicious manages to pick up and throw Jonathon Wulf across the locker room and goes to get away.
Jonathon Wulf gets up and tackles Vicious71 through the open door, taking the fight into the backstage area.
Eventually, Jonathon has Vicious71 in the Iron Claw and trips Vicious to the floor
Jonathon then starts lifting and slamming the head of Vicious on the floor until he hears security coming to get him.
Jonathon Wulf runs off, howling as a group of security members chase him off.


The camera pans down to Vicious as he leans his head in the direction of where Jonathon ran off.

Vicious71: No problem buddy take the sheep, I got the ch-chickens!!

'A Wulf in an unfriendly Enviroment'
Jonathon Wulf bursts through his locker room door, on it in black sharpie are the word's 'Wulf's Den'.
Jonathon kicks over a bench and growls in frustration as he runs both his hands through his hair.
Cynthia Red enters as well, looking concerned as Jonathon has begun pacing and breathing heavily.

Jonathon Wulf: This isn't right, this isn't right, this place doesn't feel right.

Jonathon continues to mumble this mantra as Cynthia closes the locker room door.

Jonathon Wulf: I can feel so much darkness, Red. Too much of it!

Cynthia Red: What are you talking about?

Jonathon Wulf: It wasn't just Vicious, they're all whispering it in the halls. They all pry on fear as I do, they all crave the hunt like me, but it doesn't feel right.

Jonathon Wulf goes back to his mantra as Cynthia leans against the wall next to the door.

Cynthia Red: It's the first show jitters, Johnny. Everyone has them.

Jonathon grips Cynthia's shoulders and shows a little fear in his eyes.

Jonathon Wulf: I'M NOT LIKE ANYONE! I'm supposed to be a beast! Unstoppable, uncontrollable! And all of these voices saying the same thing as I am is driving me to insanity!

Jonathon goes to a metal locker and starts banging his head against it, eventually causing blood to seep from his forehead and into his eyes. He keeps his head leaned against the locker as Cynthia tries to approach him.

Jonathon Wulf: I need some time for peace. Please leave me to my thoughts.

Cynthia reluctantly leaves the locker room as Jonathon slumps to his knees, leaving a red trail of blood on the locker door, and begins sobbing.

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:13 pm

In Ring

'The Lone Wulf talks to the Pack'
'You're Gonna Go Far, Kid' plays as Jonathon Wulf walks out to the ramp.
The crowd boos him as he leans against one of the Titantron poles.
He looks and sounds upset as he lifts the microphone to his lips.

Jonathon Wulf: It has only been a few days in these woods, and I can feel that there are too many predators.
There will not be enough prey to eat if they remain here.

The audience has awkwardly stopped booing and the arena goes quiet.

Jonathon Wulf: I will continue to feed. To survive. But it won't be on sheep alone. It must be on Bobkill. The Black Widow. Vicious71. Owange. helnik17.

Jonathon Wulf puts in more emphasis behind helnik17's name, making the crowd disturbed.
He gets off the pole and stares out into the audience, his words become fierce again.

Jonathon Wulf: I want to know! What do you, my pack, think of this?! Do you want your Alpha and Pack Leader to take back the woods from the predators?!

The audience starts cheering, a cheer of 'Alpha!' has begun to spread.
Jonathon Wulf closes his eyes and breathes deeply, howling loudly into the air.
The rest of the audience follows suit and begin howling loudly.
Jonathon Wulf sets the microphone down and begins waltzing away to the backstage area.


'Jonathon Wulf & Vicious Tag Match Ending'
Vicious71 gives the touch to Jonathon Wulf who enters the ring!
Jonathon Wulf takes his hand and opens it in the Iron Claw
grabbing Beast of Fires face, gripping tightly while smashing Beast of Fires head to the mat executing Fantastic Dominance

Zack Robinski: He's got it! He's got Dominance latched onto Beast of Fire's head! It seems that Jonathon Wulf is going to win this for his team!


Mark Anderson: What the hell?! Vicious just kicked Jonathon in the head! What is he thinking?!

Vicious71 pulls Jonathon Wulf and garbs him in his arms
and laughs out loud before executing Fantastic Vicious Pinisher !!

Zack Robinski: What is this?! Vicious has hit the Vicious Pinisher on Jonathon Wulf! Why'd he do that?!

Beast of Fire, unknowingly sees Jonathon Wulf laying in the ring and slowly crawls on top of him.
The referee has no choice but to count the pin.
Referee starts counting...


Mark Anderson: No! Not like this!


Zack Robinski: Was this part of the business proposition that helnik was talking about?!

BEAST OF FIRE AND JSWEET WIN THE MATCH BETWEEN TEAM jsweet & Beast of Fire AND THE TEAM Jonathon Wulf & Vicious71 !!!!

Mark Anderson: [EXPLICATIVE] IT! Jonathon Wulf had the match won, and Vicious ruined it for him! Now, Jonathon has to eat his words and be the first in a long line of wrestlers in the LXS Battle Royal!

Zack Robinski: But, Vicious has got to be cut about this as well! He's going to be number two on the line, and with a really ticked off Jonathon Wulf that he has to look forward to!

'Good Day to Die' by Godsmack begins to play as helnik17 steps out to congratulate Vicious71, he is looking out to Cynthia Red and Jonathon Wulf, both of them slowly trying to get up.

helnik17: I'm a man of my word, Jonathon Wulf, you are numero uno in the Battle Royal! And as for Vicious71...

helnik17 looks over at Vicious71 before redirecting his attention back to Jonathon Wulf

helnik17: He's number 30!

The crowd starts to boo as Jonathon Wulf has begun to regain his senses, already looking out to helnik17 and shaking his head. He's mouthing out cuss words and holds out his hands, the tops being blurred out for obvious reasons.

helnik17 and Vicious71 leave, Jonathon Wulf still swearing up a storm as he is led out by Cynthia Red.

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:14 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:16 pm

Office Of Xtreme!

'Meeting with the Head of Security'
helnik17 is calmly signing papers at his desk when his door opens,
Raphael Chastang enters with a report is his hands

helnik17: Another one?

Raphael Chastang: Yes, unfortunately. One of my boys got hit in the head with a chair by Jonathon Wulf.

Raphael puts the report on helnik's desk and sits in the chair in front of helnik.
helnik17 sighs and opens the report up, reading it

helnik17: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, what am I going to do with you? I knew you'd pull crap like this, but this early? You're a bad dog.

Raphael Chastang: Give me authority to put a shock collar on the guy and I'll guarantee that he'll be stopped before he cracks another skull open.

helnik17: How about no? It's Jonathon's job to crack skulls open, I don't want you to train him to not do his job, I gave you the job so you just report this to me.

Raphael Chastang: If he keeps doing this, I'll have to act on this, with or without your permission, you know that right?

helnik17: I know. It's why you were the main pick out of all the people I could've hired.

helnik17 closes the file and puts it in a drawer, turning his attention to Raphael again.

helnik17: Keep up the good work, Raphael. I'm going to need as many good people as I can in order to keep this place afloat.

Raphael Chastang nods and gets up from the chair, leaving helnik17's office.

'helnik17 runs Red'
helnik17 is making a list of things he wants to do to the office when a knock on the door and the sound of it opening is heard.

The camera pans over to see Cynthia Red standing next to helnik17 who briefly glances at her.

helnik17: What do you need now, Cynthia? Another $120,000 for bail?

Cynthia winces at the comment, apparently the two have known each other before.

Cynthia Red: helnik, I and Jonathon are very appreciative that you have gotten him out of jail after... well the riot that basically killed another federation before it could end.

But I was looking over the card for the premiere episode of the show, and Jonathon is not wrestling in it.

Now, I know you aren't really paying us for you to get your money back, but you and I can agree that you can't let a news worthy wrestler like Jonathon not be in competition.

helnik17 gives an angry sigh and turns to Cynthia Red.

helnik17: I'm not taking chances with Jonathon unless I have to. Not with the guy that thinks he's a wild animal from a forest.

Cynthia goes to object, but helnik stops her by holding up a hand.

helnik17: I'm not willing to negotiate further into this, now get out of my office and tell Jonathon that he now owes another $10,000 in employment insurance after he hit that security officer and backstage help with his chair. Maybe that'll make him realize that I'm not like the old federation that just allowed him to get out of control without punishment.

Cynthia Red closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before going out of the office and slamming the door closed.

The slam of the door makes the ceiling above helnik crack and fall on him while he still stands, after he opens his eyes he goes back to his list.

helnik17: Ceiling repair. Added to the list.

'I Don't Care Who You Are'
helnik17 is writing down something, no doubt the wrestlers he wants to fight in the LXS Battle Royal.

Cynthia Red walks into the office, not bothering to knock as she crosses her arms and stares at helnik17.

Cynthia Red: I knew you were out to get Johnny, but now you have him team with one of the wrestlers he first took offense to when he came here?

helnik17 is still writing on his sheet, seemingly not listening to Cynthia as she leans down on the desk in front of him.

Cynthia Red: Do you realize the fine line that you're walking? Having him team with Vicious? He's not going to allow him to show him up, if anything, he's going to be the one that will beat Vicious to death in the ring before his opponents can get to him!

helnik17 stops writing for a moment, puts the pen to his lips and puts on a thoughtful expression.

helnik17: How about, if Jonathon loses the match with his tag partner, then he's going to earn the number one spot on this list in the Battle Royal? I think that's fair.

Jonathon Wulf now steps in and is stopped by Cynthia before he can try to take a swing at helnik17.

helnik17: Oh, hi, Jonathon, we were just talking about you and the conditions of your match.

Jonathon Wulf: You piece of [EXPLICATIVE]! You think I'm scared of you and these games you're playing?!

Cynthia Red: Jonathon, please stay calm! You need to focus on the match!

Vicious71 now enters, watching over the debacle going on.

Jonathon Wulf: Put me in the number one spot! I DARE YOU! I'll beat them all! I'll tear all of their throats out in the middle of the ring! And then I'll stand there, waiting for you to come down to the ring with the title belt in your hands, and tear your eyeballs out of their sockets before I hold the title high above my head and celebrate with my pack!

Vicious71: Ha!

Jonathon Wulf turns to Vicious and grabs his neck, pushing him into the wall.

Jonathon Wulf: Oh, I haven't forgotten about you.

He inhales near Vicious' chest, where he had first put a bloody hand on the wrestler.

Jonathon Wulf: Better yet, I hope that we lose, so that you can take the second spot and I'll have all the time I need to show you how truly terrifying I am!

Letting go of Vicious, Jonathon Wulf turns back to helnik17.

Jonathon Wulf: I won't be your lap dog, not like the rest of these inhuman freaks that you dare call wrestlers! For as long as I breathe, and my heart beats, I will be the Last Extremist Standing, and there is not a [EXPLICATIVE] thing you can do about it!

Jonathon Wulf leads Cynthia Red out of the room, before looking over at Vicious and pausing. He raises a fist to hit Vicious and watches him flinch before he begins laughing and punches the wall beside Vicious, leaving a hole in the office.

Both helnik17 and Vicious71 look on in disdain.

helnik17: Vicious, I have a business opportunity to discuss with you...

Vicious71 goes over to helnik's desk as the camera fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:25 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)   

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Jonathon Wulf Archive (Segments seperated by location)
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