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 Ready for payback!

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PostSubject: Ready for payback!   Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:42 am

We can see Bobkill doing some stretching prior to his match.

Crowd starts to cheer

Newton arrives and interrupts Bobkill

Newton: Well.. Well.. Well.. So you think you are ready for tonight's match against Bing ?

Bobkill stares a moment to Newton before showing is devilish smile

Bobkill: What do you think i'm doing now? Open your eyes for once ...

The crowd cheers louder

Newton: Yeah.. But I heard that your opponent is ready more than ever to beat you once again.

The crowd boos

Bobkill: Listen and listen up good! The first time it wasa fluke. This time, I won't make the mistake to stop his beating. Finally, it's a good thing that he's ready... I won't face any low rate wrestler.

The crowd cheers

Newton: Hum.. I also heard that your match won't be any kind of match...

Bobkill looks again at Newton for a moment

Bobkill: And what kind of match i suppose to have?

Newton: Well... I heard that it would be a hardcore match.

The crowds went berserk

Bobkill is smiling

Bobkill: That's one hell of a good news! I'll make sure this time that when i'll be done with Bing, he won't be able to stand up..

While the crowd is cheering, Bobkill make his way to the ring.
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Ready for payback!
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