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 Back for more?

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PostSubject: Back for more?   Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:57 pm

As the music stops playing and Angadialas is already standing in the ring against Jacques Denuit.

Angadialas: So you intend to come back over and over, even after the beating you got last time? You're more of a fool then I thought.

Jacques Denuit stares at Angadialas with anger

Angadialas: Oh that look you're giving me looks promising, or it would be if you were in my field of interests, you're nothing but a fly, a bug, and insect not even worth mentioning

Jacques Denuit tightens his fists

Jacques Denuit: Do not mock me, fight me like a real man!

Angadialas turns away

Angadialas: Sorry you're not interesting enough to take you seriously, I'm scoring big time, and you're just not worth my time

Jacques Denuit springs to attack Angadialas, but just as he's about to hit him Angadialas dodges and faces him

Angadialas: So...a little fireball aren't you? Well then let me put you out.

[Since Jacques Denuit isn't here at the forum or so I belive he isn't I decided to add his lines, Jacques if you're here feel free to change them]
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Back for more?
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