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 Where is he?!

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Where is he?! Empty
PostSubject: Where is he?!   Where is he?! I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2012 10:52 pm

Camera shows Angadialas walking fast through backstage corridors, he grabs a staff member

Angadialas: Where is he?! I know he's suppose to be here tonight!
Staff member: I..I don't know honestly

Angadialas sights and throws the staff member on some tables standing around. He then moves onward.

Angadialas: I will smash helnik's office if it will give me any answers so...GIVE ME AN ANSWER!

He moves to the are where GM office is stationed, he walks through the comfortable waiting room with the couch and TV set. In front of the office two large bodyguards are stationed.

Bodyguard: Sorry sir but Mr. Helnik cannot be disturbed right now
Angadialas: Oh I'll disturb him alright, who does he think he has here? And while we're at it, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?
TV Commentator: And we're back and in front of the great stadium awaiting for THAT guy, you all know and love him for his silent calm yet deadly combination, it's Jin!

Angadialas turns around and stares at the TV where Jin is shown walking surrounded by people.

Angadialas: You...

He dashes out of the waiting room and through the corridors to parking lot and from there to outside. A crowd is here cheering at the arriving superstar Jin, Angadialas pushes through and jumps out through the railings towards Jin who notices the commotion. Angadialas jumps forward with a kick but Jin blocks it and delivers a punch sending Angadialas on his back.
Jin rushes forward planning to step on his opponent but Angadialas dodges the hit and delivers a kick to Jin's leg.
Security guards are starting to amass around them while both Jin and Angadialas are clashed in a power struggle. Finally Jin get's the upper hand but Angadialas is able to get out of the hold and jumps back. Security bashes between those two and separates them, crowd cheers and both wrestlers are seen shouting at each other while being escorted by the security.
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Where is he?!
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