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 post match/battle royal speech

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The Masked Muscle Bruiser

The Masked Muscle Bruiser

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PostSubject: post match/battle royal speech   Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:34 pm

[the opponent] is celebrating his victory as the ref is raising his arm as he smiles

Zack Robinski: "What a fantastic match for [the opponent]!!"

Mark Anderson: "And another loss for The Masked Muscle Bruiser"

Zack Robinski: "When is the last time this big guy had a win? I know he has it in him but he just can't seem to find it..."

Mark Anderson: "Thats what im trying to find ou-"


The Masked Muscle Bruiser hits [the opponent] in the back of the head with brass knuckles

Mark Anderson: "WHAT!! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?"

The Masked Muscle Bruiser lifts [the opponent} and throws him over the ropes and falls on the floor face first

The Masked Muscle Bruiser exits the ring. Muscle Bruiser grabs [the opponent] by the head and slams him on the announcers table 7 times.

[the opponent] falls to the ground

The Masked Muscle Bruiser grabs the time keeper's bell and plunges it into [the opponent]'s face as he gets busted wide open!!

The audience boo's very loud

The Masked Muscle Bruiser walks over slowly to the steel steps and pulls it over closer to [the opponent].

The Masked Muscle Bruiser puts [the opponent]'s head in between his legs lifting him by the waist
and throws him down onto the steel steps executing a
HardCore Powerbomb onto steel steps!!

The Masked Muscle Bruiser grabs [the opponent] and tackles him threw the fan barricade and into the fans area as the fans try desperately to touch the wrestlers

The Masked Muscle Bruiser leaves the fans and into the ring with a mic as [The opponent] lies motionless in the fans area

The Masked Muscle Bruiser:(talks slowly) "I...am tired...of loosing. I...am tired...of the same routines every week. I will not stand for this any longerrrr... In the battle royal later tonight. I will prove my self...and if I don't win...Someone will pay...Someone...will...pay."

The Masked Muscle Bruiser's theme of Slow Chemical by Finger eleven pops up as the lights turn red and he raises his arms and throws them down for a pryo explosion when all the lights go off as his music continues to play. When the lights come back on as red Muscle Bruiser is gone.

Zack Robinski: "Well I don't know what that was all about..."

Mark Anderson: "Are you serious Zack!? He said if he looses someone will pay! I just hopes it's not me"

Zack Robinski: "So your basically saying he's gonna loose...I doubt he will win but if he doesn't, trust me. He has no beef with you..."

Mark Anderson: "You don't know that!"

Zack Robinski rolls his eyes

Zack Robinski: "Well folks it seems like Bruiser is filled with rage and it keeps building up! He let some of it out on [the opponent] moments ago. I doubt [the opponent] will make it to the battle royal, but if he does, thats a strong soldier in my book"

The camera shows on [the opponent] motionless as it fades away...

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post match/battle royal speech
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