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 Award Me Now

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The Black Widow

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PostSubject: Award Me Now   Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:49 pm

The Black Widow comes out with a microphone and he looks at the ring.

The Black Widow: Now we all know I'm going to win so just give me the reward right now and this other wrestler named Beast of Fire thinks he is going to win. Well I know he won't.

The crowd starts a "You Won't Win" chant.

The Black Widow: Oh shut up. Now I heard I'm supposed to fight this Beast of Fire guy but once I destroy him I'll focus on LXS.

All you can hear throughout the arena is a "Leave Right Now" chant.

The Black Widow: I said shut up.

Beast of Fire: They don't need too.

The Black Widow: Maybe they don't but I know you need too.

Beast of Fire: Why? The fans like me more than you so maybe they like to hear me talk.

The Black Widow: Since when are the fans important. Tonight is about me winning LXS.

The Black Widow leaves the arena.
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Award Me Now
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