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 Upcoming problems..

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PostSubject: Upcoming problems..   Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:19 pm

Bobkill's "Highway to Hell" music hits and fill the arena.

Preceeded by his four men, he makes his way down to the ring. Half-way, he stopped and smiles at the crowd who is still chanting Bobkill's name.

After a good moment, he continue his way to the ring, climbs the steel steps and enter the ring. He ask one of his men to get him a mic. After another long moment listening the crowd, Bobkill takes the mic.

Bobkill: Hello XZW!!

Bobkill marks a pause while the crowd is cheering

Bobkill: I'm here tonight because i felt like i owed you guys an explanation. A lot of things happened at the PPV. I fullfiled one of my two promesses. In fact... i fullfiled both..

Bobkil marks another pause and smiles at the crowd

Bobkill: Well.. I lost again. Chandler managed to win the big one.

The crowd boos

Bobkill: No.. No it's fine you know. I maybe lost the match.. But... I made him pay the price for his win.

The crowd cheers louder

Bobkill: In fact, I made him suffer badly. I made him sweat and bleed. As I said... he paid the price for his win.

The crowd cheers

Bobkill approaches the camera and looks directly at it.

Bobkill: Chandler Bing... don't think for a moment i'll let you go like that. But for now, I have other bussiness.

The crowd cheers

Bobkill: Firstable, that piece of crap named TMMB...

The crowd still cheer

Bobkill: Wow!! You are one hell of a man! You want to go after another piece of crap named The Crowing... It's fine with me. But, going after a commentator like a coward... you are nothing more than a gutless wrestler.

The crowd chant Bobkill name

Bobkill: You want to inflict pain... come down here! I not really impressed with your actions and certainly not by your wrestling skills big boy. I'm not hard to find when it's time for a fight. You want some... come get some.

The crowd continues to chant

Bobkill: Finally, My promess.

Bobkill turns his attention to the titantron

Bobkill: I told you all, that I will make sure that The Crowing won't win the LXS match at the PPV. Guess what happened? Roll the footage!

A clip of the LXS match his shown at the Tron. The crowd watch Bobkill hitting the Gravedigger on The Crowing and a few moment later eliminate him of the match. The crowd is going berserk after watching the clip.

Bobkill: You guys all saw what happened to The Crowing in this match and I was really excited to watched it again. So... I hold my promess and I eliminated that piece of thrash easily. Now after everything is said... if anyone of you two have any problems with that... Well i'm standing right here... I won't run like a coward...
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The Masked Muscle Bruiser

The Masked Muscle Bruiser

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PostSubject: Bruiser Answers   Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:41 am

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Upcoming problems..
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