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 (BobKill &The Crowing) Bruiser Answers

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The Masked Muscle Bruiser

The Masked Muscle Bruiser

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PostSubject: (BobKill &The Crowing) Bruiser Answers   Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:59 pm

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After a really loud explosion scaring everyone in the arena, the lights go off for 5 seconds then come back as red with Bruiser standing at stage


TMMB begins to walk down the stage but Bobkill's four men charge after him

The Masked Muscle Bruiser is throwing punches at the men as they are no match for him. He throws man 1 into the audience. The Masked Muscle Bruiser man 3 and throws him to the fan barricade hard.

man 4 runs away


The Masked Muscle Bruiser uppercuts man 2 and proceeds to Bobkill

Bruiser violently picks up the mic sitting on the steel steps and enters the ring over the top rope

The Masked Muscle Bruiser: "I'm going to finish...what...I started"

Bruiser pulls out brass knuckles and violently punches Bobkill as he tumbles to the ground

Bruiser exits the ring and pulls out a kindo stick and slowly moves to Zack Robinski

Mark Anderson: "NOT AGAIN!"

Zack Robinski stands up with no fear with a sledgehammer in his hands

Bruiser pauses, and prepares to move towards Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson: "DON'T LET EM' DO THIS!!"

Zack Robinski droops in front of Bruiser tapping the metal part of the sledge hammer in his hand

The Crowing's theme hits as he walks down to Bruiser with a mic

The Corwing: "Bruiser...This is-

As The Crowing is turning around, Bobkill dives into him delivering him a clothesline from hell!

The hit is so hard The Crowing does a headstand and falls to the mat

Bobkill lifts up Bruiser
Bruiser climbs down avoiding the move

Bruiser lifts Bobkill and tosses him out of the ring onto the announcers table

The Crowing gets up behind Bruiser as Bruiser quickly turns around

The Crowing and The Masked Muscle Bruiser are in a intense stardown.

6 seconds go by and Bruiser slowly moves to the side as he exits the ring as The Crowing watches him

The camera shows on Bobkill as it fades...
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(BobKill &The Crowing) Bruiser Answers
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