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 Thumbster's gimmick

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Thumbster's gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Thumbster's gimmick   Thumbster's gimmick I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2012 11:48 pm

Name: "Blue Thunder" Thumbster

Age: 19

Half Japanese Half Thai


Finishers: Thunderstrom (Running Lariat), Raijin no Tenshi

- Begin to fight at a really young age. Use to be Muay Thai fighter but then turn into way of Bushido at age 16. After he have prove that he anymore strong opponent to fight. He change his field to wrestling and learn it with "The Dragon" one of the greatest legend in Japanese wrestling history. He adapt his Muay Thai material arts into wrestling style that later become his own wrestling style.

With the stiff kicks and chops. He quickly become one of the most dangerous fighter in the business. Still at very young age. He's already gain some fame from independent scene and fans begin to name him "Independent Genius". He then make his first impact on Hell's Gate Wrestling as one of HWG originals and quickly become one of the top stars of the promotion. Captured the "HGW Break Out Champion" and become the first and only man to hold that title until now. He also led the Break-Out stable that almost take over the promotion but fell short at the end. Soon after that, HGW is done.

Thumbster then went back to independent scene and wrestle everywhere including a few matchs with "Carnage in Ring". After become freelance for a while. He then sign a contract with "Xtreme Zone Wrestling" and hoping to making an impact once again...
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Thumbster's gimmick
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