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 Stunning Win(debut win) / Failure makes me stronger(debut loss)

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Stunning Win(debut win) / Failure makes me stronger(debut loss) Empty
PostSubject: Stunning Win(debut win) / Failure makes me stronger(debut loss)   Stunning Win(debut win) / Failure makes me stronger(debut loss) I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 4:30 am

I'll make this a double RP topic.

Debut win rp:

*Newton goes after Arthur who just won his debut match and tries to interview him*

Newton : Excuse me , Arthur. First of all , congratulations on your victory tonight . Most of the people feel like you deserved your win after a hard and proud fight with your opponent tonight.

Arthur Pendragon : Well , thank you Newton . But as I said , good days come and bad days follow so I don't expect to win too much in the beginning . Today it may have been a fluke or I was just too powerful but my opponent really did a great job and we both put a great show today.

Newton : A win on the debut , what's next?

Arthur Pendragon (putting his hand on his forehead) : Next? Winning my next match , of course. As I said , I didn't come here to talk trash . I came here to make a name for myself and that's what I'm going to do. I know I am better than I was today and I'll promise to my fans that i'll fight for them. That's how you win the respect around here.

Newton: So , you're assuming that you are going to win matches just for entertaining people?

Arthur Pendragon : Not just entertain, to make them respect me because that's how you earn respect around here. I was in top form today so that's why I was victorious.

Newton : Thank you for your time and best of luck.

Arthur Pendragon (all sweaty and tired): Thanks !


My debut loss rp :

*Newton goes after Arthur who just lost his debut match and tries to interview him. Arthur is laying down with a towell on his head and a pack of icecubes on his neck.*

Newton : Excuse me , Arthur. It seems today wasn't your day or your opponent was just too powerful?

Arthur Pendragon : It may seem like that... but I don't think he was powerful than me . No disrespect , a win is a win but I think that I lost today a bit unfair.

Newton : So , you're proposing a rematch ?

Arthur Pendragon : For now , I just want to lay down and rest a bit . I got beat up badly , I have blood in my mouth and a really terrible headache. But yes , i'll propose a rematch .

Newton : So , you're confident that you'll get your revenge?

Arthur Pendragon : Revenge is bitter sweet... I prefer just winning. That's how i'll grow up on this federation. I hope i'll not dissapoint my fans again and I'll win for them. Failure makes me stronger!

*Arthur Pendragon takes a bottle of water and drinks some of it , and then spits the water full of blood from his mouth into a bucket*

Newton : Well , i'm going to let you recover. See you soon , Arthur and have a nice day.

Arthur Pendragon (coughing) : Ahemm... thanks ... take care!
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Stunning Win(debut win) / Failure makes me stronger(debut loss)
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