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PostSubject: Retribution!   Retribution! I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 12:02 pm

Bobkill was walking back to the locker room when Newton caught up with him.

Newton: Bobkill...

Bobkill stops and turn around to face Newton

Bobkill: What do you want Newton...

Newton: Well... I just want to thank you on behal of the commentator panel.

Bobkill: What for?

Newton looks at Bobkill

Newton: Your help for them against TMMB!

Bobkill devilishly smile for a moment before answering

Bobkill: I didn't done that for them.

The crowd start to cheers

Bobkill: I've done it for myself. In fact, TMMB deserves a beating of a lifetime. He's to coward to face a real man... So he went for the commentators! What a man!!

The crowd laugh after that sentence.

Newton: I heard that our GM granted you a match later.

Bobkill looks directly in Newton's eyes

Bobkill: Is that true? And against whom?

Newton: Hmm... TMMB...

The crowd cheers louder

Bobkill: Well... well... well... Finally, He will face a real man. He will understand the true meaning of pain. I was waiting for this opportunity since the LXS match to get my hands on that piece of crap. It's time to give him back for his latest actions over the commentators...

Bobkill looks now directly at the camera

Bobkill: Prepare yourself because i'll be prepared for that match. I'm ready for some retribution. I won't stop beating your sorry $%/? until your are laying down on the canvas motionless.

Bobkill walks away under the crowd's cheers
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