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PostSubject: Payback    Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:15 pm

The entire XZW Universe is enjoying the first show of the second season thoroughly as the night has been exciting so far. All the light in the arena quickly switch off for a second when suddenly a spotlight shines over a person at the stage just before the ramp. Boulevard of Broken Dreams booms throughout the speakers as the crowd cheers wildly.

Zack: Is it him?

Paul: Of course it is!

The lights in the arena change colors and on the ramp stand Hotshot wearing his trademark jeans with his black boots, and of course the hooded jacket he always wears. He has a microphone in his hand which has the XZW logo on it. He removes his hood and smiles and comes walking to the ring with a grin on his face.

Hotshot: Miss me peeps?

The crowd cheers wildly

Hotshot: Well, lots of you have question about The Oddy of course who cost me the XZW Championship…

The crowd starts to boo

Paul: He was literally robbed!

Zack: Well that’s what XZW is all about you never what’s coming and when

Hotshot: I have come to XZW for two reasons first to entertain all of you people and the second reason is for the Championship.

Crowd cheers

Paul: Well it’s either Wulf or Jin and I would choose none of them!

Zack: Hotshot has always said if you’re going to make a impact make a full force impact

Hotshot: The Oddy needs to be taught a lesson and I thought I will be the one teaching it but looks like a little change of plans my best friend, GM Helnik will be in action against Oddy tonight to make him tap out like a little girl.

Crowd cheers

Hotshot: So we already have a massacre match for tonight! And now secondly the match between me and Thumbster is up next!

The crowd goes wild.

Zack: Now that match is going to be great!

Hotshot: Just because it’s his debut doesn’t mean I should go easy on him… In fact earlier tonight he told me to give him everything I got.

The crowd cheers.

Paul: Thumbster is the newest addition to the XZW roster and Hotshot doesn’t look like he wants to give him a happy welcome.

Zack: Something tells me this guy is getting a little bit cocky now.

Suddenly from out of the crowd comes a tall figure. He is wearing a black T-shirt, jorts and a black mask. It appears to be Oddy.

The Oddy gets onto the ring apron and puts his hands up as the crowd starts chanting “You Suck!”

Hotshot runs at the Oddy and pushes him off the apron making him hit his head into the crowd barriers

Paul: Cheap shot by Hotshot and here we go!

Zack: Hotshot is sending out a message to anyone and everyone that may stand in his way of winning the championship.

Hotshot leaves the ring and picks The Oddy up and throws him over the announce table. He goes around the table and starts giving him repeated punches to the head. Some security comes to break this fight up but Hotshot continues to clobber Oddy.

Paul: If this goes on looks like XZW will be hit by a law suit!

Hotshot finally leaves Oddy for a while as the security stop from going any further… He walks around the ring and grabs a steel chair and continues assaulting Oddy.

Zack: Forget law suits this could be the thing that shuts XZW down

Hotshot Lifts The Oddy grappling his neck

Paul: We’ve have seen this before

Hotshot then slams him on the concrete sitting executing Extreme Death Valley Driver

Greg: Looks like The Oddy will find himself shaking hands with god if this goes on any longer…

Paul: We have never seen Hotshot so brutal before… the Hotshot we know is always happy…

Greg: The message Hotshot has sent is he has no remorse for anyone who has none for him…

Hotshot picks up the microphone from the ring mat and speaks

Hotshot: That’s payback for last month you idiot…

Hotshot smacks the microphone on the floor and then the Thumbster's theme song starts to boom through the speakers.

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