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 StarCrusher Intro

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PostSubject: StarCrusher Intro   StarCrusher Intro I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2012 6:10 pm

Alignment: He'a a bad guy (heel) and prowd of it.
Real name: Jonny "Running Bear" Walton
Ring name: StarCrusher
His Wrestling heros: ManKind, Vader, Mad Dog Vachon, Abyse & "George the Animal Steel"
Ethnicity: He's a half breed, Blackfoot mother - English father.
Favorite weapons: a bucket filled with stone dust, wood ash and rotting fish guts, and a club that was used to kill baby seals.
Catchphrase or motto: Let the gods will sort it out
Do unto them, before they do unto you.
Karma is a Bitch and so is mother nature, so watch out.
I am a force of nature

Appearance: When out of his wrestling costume, he looks like a pirate or maybe a Hells Angel. Long, dark brown, braided hair; weathered skin from the salt air and briny water, he has scars all over his body, from accidents and fights while working the fishing trawlers. He'll fight anyone who throws any kind of racial slur his way.

Over the years, while he was working the fishing trawlers, he's picked up some tattoos and piercings. One of the more predominant tattoo is that of a raven, know to the natives as The Trickster, which is on his neck. On his back is a full blown tattoo of the native medicine wheel. Likes wearing buck skin clothes when he's relaxing, other wise he wears blue jeans.

Personality: He's serious, most times he'll act rather than speak; old adage, actions speak louder than words. Stone faced and reserved, not someone you want to play poker with, you can't read him. If your an enemy, he's just as likely to attack you from behind as he is face on. As for being organized he's gypsy like. Trusts no one, and has very few friends.

Biography: Grew up in Portland Maine, living in a home which over looked the sea coast. He would walk along the beach crushing starfish under his heal when he was little kid. He worked on fishing trawlers while in high school, catching lobsters and clams. On weekends off, he would hang out at a wrestling center watching the wrestlers and the shows. After seeing what they went through, figured it would be an easier living than risking his life out on the fishing trawlers. A couple of his secondary duties on the trawlers was cook and 1st aid technician.

He's a blue collar kid from a blue collar family. When not on the boats or at the wrestling arena, hes helping out the local church with various endeavors they are doing, renovations, luncheon fund raisers and so on. Sends his parents 1/3 of his salary, the church one third and keeps 1/3 for himself.

Out to prove he's just as good as anyone who isn't a half breed. He's capable of enduring all sorts of "discomfort".physical and emotional, he's been dealing with it all his life. Has had numerous folk back stab him in his job as a fishing hand on the trawlers. Has been to jail for a number of various assault charges, most were dropped the next day. He's very good at acting the drunk Indian. Doesn't respect anyone till they earn his respect.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Loves kids, despises anyone who beats up on kids and women. Hangs in the shadows at social functions, doesn't feel the need to be the center of attraction. Resents people for treating him as a half breed and not as a person. Thinks anyone who wears a cross and isn't religious is a hypocrite.
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StarCrusher Intro
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