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 The Fallen Arises

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The Fallen Arises Empty
PostSubject: The Fallen Arises   The Fallen Arises I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2012 10:46 pm

Newton Beddows is shown in a corridor, which seems to be at the offices. XZW pictures can be seen everywhere.

Newton Beddows: I'm here, live in front of the office of our GM...

He stops talking, staring at something behind the camera.

Newton Beddows: Guys, there is Myrskey with his crew! Let's catch that one!

The cameraman turns around showing Myrskey in a black, full-length coat, 4 druids, just showing their black garb with a inverted cross on its back and a man in tattered clothes, wearing a mask, hiding all of his face. Newton Beddows is walking towards Myrskey, who looks at him allready annoyed.

Newton Beddows: Hi, this is Newton Beddows and I'd...

Myrskey: Don't even dare talking on! I don't care what you want.

Newton Beddows: Well, I think you'll have some time before your match...

The masked man rushes forwards and presses Newton Beddows at the wall with a Chokehold. The masked man gets close to his face.

Masked man: My Lord said, he isn't intrested. Got it?

He releases his grab. making Newton drop to the ground, breathing loud and fast. Myrskey smiles evily.

Myrskey: As I see, you did improve your Chokehold...

Masked man: As you requested, my Lord.

Myrskey nodds lightly, looking to the cameraman.

Myrskey: Boy, if I was you, I'd stop filming immediately or my servant will show me his skills at your throat.

The camera falls down to the ground and you can hear someone running away. Myrskey starts laughing.

Myrskey: That's what I call entertainment!

While smiling evily, he steps on the camera with his boot and the Video fades...
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The Fallen Arises
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