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 La resistance!

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PostSubject: La resistance!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:28 pm

Jacques music hits the arena. Holding a french flag, waving it down the ramp. He looks for a moment at the crowd before climbing the steel steps and enter the ring. Once again, he's waving the french flag in the ring. He goes by the ropes and asked a mic to the ring announcer.

Jacques: Hello people!

Mix reaction by the crowd

Jacques: Tonight, once again, I have to face that cocky guy Angadialas. He maybe thinks for a moment that he intimidate me...

Another mix reaction by the crowd

Jacques: But to be quite honnest with you guys, i'm not! In fact, tonight, i'll show him what a frenchie can do. I'll show him that i'm tougher that he thinks. I'll resist as longer as I can and when he'll be tired, it will be my time to answer with my own finisher.

Jacques does some step dance in the ring under the look of the amused crowd

Jacques: Prépare toi à recevoir une correction Angadialas!

The crowd doesn't seem to understand

from the commentators table

zack looks at mark for a moment

Zack Robinson: Hmm... Do you have a clue Mark about what that frenchie just said?

Mark Anderson: Of course I do! It's quite simple Zack. He just said that he will beat the hell out of Angadialas.

Meanwhile, Jacques tossed back the mic to the announcer and he's waiting for his opponent

(under helnik's approval)
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PostSubject: Re: La resistance!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:20 pm

added in the show Smile
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La resistance!
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