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 Preparation for Canadian destruction

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Petey Williams

Petey Williams

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PostSubject: Preparation for Canadian destruction    Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:56 am

*As show me how to live by Audioslave plays and promos of Petey Williams plays on the titantron as he enters the ring, microphone in hand*

*Enters ring and sits on turnbuckle*

Petey Williams: Hello XZW fans, if you haven't already guessed I am the newest member to this federation and I intend to be known as one of the show stoppers of this company,

But before my opponent enters the ring for what is gunna be my first victory for my debut match, I would like to take this moment to say I am the Canadian Destroyer, Maple Leaf Muscle and the guy who is gunna win this match and inevitably be the champion of this company and whether I do it fairly or not you will all worship me and show me your undivided attention.

*Jumps down from turnbuckle and prepares for his opponent to enter the ring and stretches against his corner*
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Preparation for Canadian destruction
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