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 The Chosen Legacy

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PostSubject: The Chosen Legacy   Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:13 pm

Light fades as Dimmu Borgir's 'Hybrid Stigmata' starts playing and red fireworks hit the Tronbase. Myrskey appears with 5 followers at the Tronbase. 4 of them are druids in their garb, showing no skin and completely hiding their faces, carrying spears with blades which do look like inverted crosses. The 5th seems to be the masked man, wearing tattered clothes and a huge mask, hiding the face.
They slowly walk down the ramp to the ringside. The crowd is booing and chanting to make him leave again but it seems like Myrskey is still smiling.
The 4 druids walk to the turnbuckles and do a protecting pose.
Myrskey and the masked man walk to the inside of the ring. As the music fades and the arena lights up again the masked man rises a microphone.

Masked man: Crowd, the great Myrskey is going to talk to you so do listen up!

He kneels down and handles the microphone to Myrskey, who is wearing a full length, dark coat. His black hair reaches his shoulder easily. Myrskey grabs the microphone and looks around in the crowd, still chanting at him to get out. He rises the microphone and starts talking in a calm, rough voice.

Myrskey: Do you think I do care about your opinion? I'll tell you how life is working: Few are born to lead, most people are born to follow. I'm a born leader and you all will follow me and you will like it!

He starts smiling in an evil way and continues his speech.

Myrskey: I've chosen my legacy and do take part at the XFW Tourney but I do ask you people: Wouldn't it be better to declare me as the winner of the Tourney?
You actually have no... Alternativo.

He dots smiling evily towards the Titantron where a video starts playing:
"Myrskey pulls Alternativo still groggy, by his hair
Myrskey graps Alternativos arms from behind, jumps
and tears him, with the knees at his back, down executing LEGENDARY Crucifixion !!
Myrskey tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
The video fades and Myrskey starts laughing.

Myrskey: Oh, I could watch that all day long. How did it feel, Alternativo? Be dominated all match long? Maybe you can tell those other participants so they get a closer look at THEIR chosen legacy: Losing to me.

While he starts laughing, the light starts flickering and fades.

Myrskey: I will be the one... dominating!

The lights turn on again, but neither Myrskey nor his followers are seen anymore.
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The Chosen Legacy
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