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 Stop the show

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PostSubject: Stop the show   Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:57 pm

Angadialas enters the arena and heads for the ramp with a microphone.

Angadialas: I had enough of you Jacques, do you really want to be put to sleep like a bad behaving dog? You come here time after time being beaten by me, you're no match for my superiority and you know it very well!

Jacques doesn't seem less sure , he screams some words to Angadialas and taunts him to enter the ring

Angadialas: You're not the bright type aren't you? Forget it I'm out of here, no challenge no fun.

People in the audience are starting to go "boo, boo!" witch stops Angadialas.

Angadialas: You all really want to see it again and again don't you? Tape it once and reply all you want or better throw it on the internet for people to enjoy I don't care!

Referee: Angadialas if you do not enter the ring I will count you out and declare your loss.

Angadialas: You? And who do you think you are?

Referee: One, two, three...

Angadialas: Oh now you made me mad.

Angadialas throws away the microphone and rushes towards the ring. He jumps on it on the ropes and right at the judge but he's hit when Jacques rushes forward.

Angadialas: All right first you, then the little squirt.Lights fade away, halfway through the intro movie and for a moment only silence and surprised whispers are heard all around the arena. A bask of light is pointed at the ramp where a lone figure starts walking towards the ring. Music starts to play as Angadialas makes his entry, some people from the crowd are cheering some are showing their displeasure. Angadialas jumps on the ropes and into the ring. He looks around and uses the microphone he carried with him.


People are confused.

Mark Anderson: Did he just say closed?
Zack Robins: Either that or you need and ear check Mark, well I guess Ang just went over the sane line here

Angadialas: Shut up! Did I let you speak?

Zack stands up from his seat but Mark grabs him by his arms and says a few words sitting him back.

Angadialas:As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, this place is closed, because how can you even think of running a show without the best in the ring being in the spotlight? At our last meeting I wiped the floor with the french baguette...AGAIN. And what's with that? Where is Jin? Where is the thief who stole glory from me when I was at the peak?

Crowd is getting nervous and starts screaming, some are booing and some are agreeing with Angadialas.

Angadialas: So I decided to block tonights show until I can get a real challenge here, I want Jin, or someone anyone who can give me a chance to feel enjoyment from battle once more! But what I got there.

Angadialas points at the ramp.

Angadialas: Is a bunch of rats that cover in fear and weaklings not worth a beating! Where is Helnik?! Where is the puppet master of this scheme, is he afraid or not able to throw more then a piece of dirt at me witch some people refer to as Jacques?

Angadialas stands front to the ramp.


<Your call guys anyone up ?>
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PostSubject: Continue   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:58 pm

<Since nobody is answering I'll continue on my own - but as it turns out it's more like a sample as the real think is already in motion, stay tuned for the show Smile>

Music starts to play announcing the arrival of GM. Helnik walks on the ramp in a suit with two large security guards on each side, he is carrying a microphone.

Helnik: Ang, I know you might be upset about a think or two, but as they say. Show must go on! And you are not going to interfere here.

Angadialas: Make me!

Helnik: I already said that there will be no such acts here, and I intend to put my foot down on it.

Helnik gives the signal and the guards run towards the ring, Angadialas in mid time bounces off the ropes at the other side of the ring and when the one of the guards approached the ring from the front and one buddy behind him he got hit by a baseball slide Angadialas quickly jumped back on the ropes avoiding other two guards while the hit two were getting up.
One of the daring guards jumped on the ring, Angadialas grabbed him by his head and deliver a headbut but also suffering from a hit on the leg from another guard. Angadialas jumped back to the center of the ring while the guard hit with his forehead felled back.

Helnik: Alright stop this, I see you feel a little too comfortable on that high position of yours, so we'll even the matches, I'll give you a fresh challenger and a lesson at the same time. One rule thought... GET OFF THAT RING!

Angadialas: Details, I'm not coming down till I hear details

Helnik: You do feel comfortable there, you know I can drag you out of there?

Angadialas: Pleasure all mine

Helnik: Like I would dirty my hands with your...ah whatever. Your opponent will be caries, one of our new talents! But that is only half the fun, how about I'll give you your toys? Chairs, Kendo sticks, baseball bats trash cans and all that garbage you like to throw yourself into

Angadialas: Mmm It's music to my ears, all right I'll give your ring back. But remember

Angadialas points on his hand

Angadialas: No finger crossed and it's a promise.

Helnik stands with a face palm.

Helnik: Why do I even bother.

Angadialas dashes and jumps out of the ring and then runs through to the public.
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Stop the show
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