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 Saying hello and goodbye before the match starts

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PostSubject: Saying hello and goodbye before the match starts   Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:03 am

Jonathon Wulf is waiting by an ambulance, wearing his wolf pelt cape as the medic team approaches.

Jonathon Wulf opens the door and then goes up to Hotshot as he lies on the stretcher.

Jonathon Wulf: Ahh, Hotshot. To lose like that... It's not right, my colleague. To think I thought I had respect for helnik... to see what he did and then The Oddy's attack...

Jonathon Wulf clicks his tongue and opens his hand, it's cut by Jonathon's sharp fingernails and he places it on Hotshot's chest.

Jonathon Wulf: Consider yourself a member of the pack, and as a member, I as your Alpha do swear to make The Oddy feel just that little bit of pain and suffering that only I can provide alongside you during the Elimination Chamber match.

Jonathon Wulf lifts his hand up and moves away, letting the medics finish putting them in the ambulance. Cynthia Red is waiting for him as they both start in the direction of the entrance ramp

Cynthia Red: You've really matured after the injury, Jon. I'm proud of you.

Jonathon Wulf: Perhaps. Mortality is always a nice setback for making animals humble. I'll just need to be more cautious in my planning, and perhaps a little more cunning in my actions.

As Jonathon says this, a wicked smile spreads on his face as he and Cynthia now reach the entrance curtain
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Saying hello and goodbye before the match starts
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