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 The Ice Cold Woman's Debut

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Mizore Shirayuki

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PostSubject: The Ice Cold Woman's Debut   Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:22 pm

(this roleplay must happen before mizore's match)
The camera showed the announcers sitting at ringside.

Mark Anderson:"Welcome. Rumors say that a new wrestler joined the federation. She is known by the name Mizore Shirayuki, who is a technique wrestler. But she is more then technique."

Zack Robinski:"Is that so? She sounds like one of these woman who think they are good, until they lie down on the floor, tapping out to a submission and then crying about that fighting woman is unfair."

Mark Anderson starts to laugh.

Mark Anderson:"Judging like that while you haven't seen her yet.. She is quite brutal, with a history of wrestling too, able to pull of an olympic slam now and then, frog splashes, suicide dives... She really got a lot of diversity. And in her fighting career, she cut open 1159 opponents, made 97 get injured by overuse of submissions, 118 knock outs by blood loss, and 1113 submission wins... Thats really impressive!"

Zack Robinski:"Those are just numbers... They don't say anything. But i heard she arrived, so just shut your mouth already."

Suddenly, the lights go out.

All kinds of firework are launched near the ramp, when suddenly spotlights aim at the entrance, where a young lady comes walking in with a microphone in her hand.

She climbs over the ring ropes, sites down on one of the turnbuckles and she starts to talk.

Mizore Shirayuki:"Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Mizore Shirayuki. People might remember me from my MMA Career.. if you do, you are fools. I am way better then i used to be, and i can make any of these MMA fools tap, snap or knock them out."

The crowd starts too boo out loud.

Zack Robinski:"Hmm, i might like where she is going..."

Mizore Shirayuki:"As you guys might remember, i used to get my ass kicked at MMA. But then i learned Wrestling, and now i use the perfect hybrid between Jiu-Jitsu and Pro Wrestling. And then, your GM hired me to kick the ass of some of the weak wrestlers that work at this company...."

The crowd starts too boo, and they chant that she should get her ass kicked.

Mizore Shirayuki starts to laugh.

Mizore Shirayuki:"Fine.... Be like that, you guys will see my power tonight when i beat my first opponent.. I said everything i needed, so goodbye."

Suddenly, the lights go out, and when they go back on she is gone.

The camera fades out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ice Cold Woman's Debut   Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:31 pm

Wow great rp mizore... Smile i'll include it right now in the show.. but u dont have any match in tomorrows show since i had already made the card before i signed u...

so what u can do is.. take an inactive who is of your level and rp about feuding with him.. then i can make u have a match in the ppv against him Smile

howz that Smile
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The Ice Cold Woman's Debut
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