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 Facing... the Steel

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Facing... the Steel Empty
PostSubject: Facing... the Steel   Facing... the Steel I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 24, 2012 12:52 am

Myrskey is shown Backstage, the masked man is standing next to him. Myrskey is wearing his dark coat and bandages around his hands. They walk down the floor towards the Tronentrance. The masked man helps him out of his coat.

Myrskey: Soon, I will be the #1 contender and right after that, I'll be the champion showing everyone who's the real hero of this place.

Masked Man: You will, my Lord.

Myrskey: Look at them! They're scum and nothing more. Listen: I need you to do some things, while I'm in the match up.

He handles a sheet of paper to the masked man who looks at it, nodds and puts it into his pocket.

Myrskey: I don't exept any failure!

Masked Man: I know. It'll be done, as you request, my Lord.

Myrskey nodds and smiles evily.

Myrskey: Now get your job done, I don't pay you for standing around!

The masked man nodds and walks away, while Myrskey warms himself up for the match.
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Facing... the Steel
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