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 Bobkill's Dungeon second show

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PostSubject: Bobkill's Dungeon second show   Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:53 pm

Bobkill's music hits and fills the arena. He appears at the top of the stage slowly with a devilish smile on his face. After a few moments looking at the crowd, he comes down the ramp and he enters the ring which is filled with the show's set. Bobkill approaches the table and takes a mic from it. He puts one of his fingers on his lips and takes a few moments for thinking.

Bobkill: XZW universe! Welcome to my second show of this season!

The crowd starts to cheer.

Bobkill: Tonight is a special night! So... I've decided to give you a special show for this one. After last week brutal elimination chamber match..

The crowd is going berserk

Bobkill: Yeah I know... you appreciate the match with no doubt..

The crowd is still cheering

Bobkill: So.. for the benefit of you.. the XZW universe.. I decided thats you guys deserves a special guess. Let's bring him down here...

Boulvard of Broken Dreams starts to play,
The spotlight shines on the stage where a figure can be seen standing.

Zack: Mark! Mark! Mark! Look who is Bobkill's guess... it's non other than our commentator buddy... Hotshot!!

Mark: Yeah Zack... I know... thank you for the reminder!

Hotshot comes down the ramp. He enters the ring and climbs to the top rope and does his usual trademark pause. After a moment, he approches the table and grabs a mic.

Bobkill: XZW universe.. please welcome Hotshot!

The crowd is cheering louder

Bobkill: Thank you Hotshot for accepting my invitation once again to appear on the biggest XZW show ever!

The crowd still cheer

Bobkill: So Hotshot, for the benefits of our XZW universe, I have a few questions for you. Let's begin the show with my first question. How are you after the brutal elimination chamber that took place last week?

After a small pause, Hotshot looks at the crowd and approches the mic to his mouth.

Hotshot: Well I am not exactly in 100% after that brutal match... but i feel i deserve the match more than that doll, Myrskey. WHO THE HELL IS HE TO HAVE A TITLE MATCH!?! I HAVE BEEN HERE SINCE THE VERY FIRST DAY! I DESERVE THAT TITLE MATCH NOT HIM!!

The crowd cheers after Hotshot's answer

Bobkill took a few steps in the ring while he's looking at Hotshot. A small smile appears on his face.

Bobkill: Well Hotshot...

Bobkill takes a few moment and nods his head

Bobkill: I have to agree with you on this one...

The crowd cheers louder

Bobkill: We both deserves a title shot before that.. guy...

The crowd still cheers loudly

Bobkill: Anyway.. we will have a chance in the future to get one I guess... That brings me to my second question. What do you think of the outcome of the elimination chamber match?

Hotshot takes a moment to think and he answers..

Hotshot: Wulf won... I feel that if it wasn't me winning that match... Wulf earned the victory. Wulf did a great job in that match. Congratulations Wulf.

The crowd cheers loudly in approbation off the answer and starts chanting for Wulf's name all around the place.

Bobkill: I have to say that after the injury he suffered after last month PPV....

The crowd boos on that

Bobkill: After all he.. can I say the word "HE"... anyway, he got back what he fight for. The best won after all...

The crowd cheers on that.

Bobkill: It seems that his injury is part of the past now. Is it really.. that's a good question. Anyway, that's bring me to my other question Hotshot; Do you think Jonathon will keep his title for a while?

The crowd starts once again to chant Wulf's name

Hotshot: Yes, Jonathon is going to have his championship for a long time. He is going to defeat this Myrskey. Even if it's going to kill him.

The crowd still chants Wulf's name while Bobkill circle the ring for a moment

Bobkill: Once again Hotshot, I agree with you. I sincerly hope he ki... hmm.. defeats Myrskey. After that, I hope that i'll get a chance for his title or at least a chance to be involve in the next #1 contender's match. Anyway, that brings me to my next question... What's next for you Hotshot?

Hotshot takes a long pause before answering the question

Hotshot: Well, As I said Wulf deserves that title a lot so I'm going to aim for something better... THE XZW CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd cheers loudly

Hotshot: Yes, it is with this so called Jin but I was so close to winning that if it wasnt for that oddball oddy. So now Jin you better be ready cause I'm coming after that gold next season.

Bobkill: Hmm... that's sounds nice Hotshot. I think you have what it takes to beat jin and wins the title. One thing for sure tho... it won't be an easy win. I hope that you will keep training to get the best for that match. Anyway, it has been hmm... let say fun... to get you in this show. But before I let you go, I have a last question for you.... Would you like to become my co-host for the upcoming shows?

The crowd is surprise by the last question

The crowd cheers and start chanting "yes"
Hotshot smiles

Hotshot: Well Helnik is busy so do need to have some fun so sure. On one condition we should be equals.

Bobkill looks at the crowd while they are cheering and nods his head. He approaches one of his hands and shakes Hotshot hand.

Bobkill: It's a done deal then... my co-host...

Zack: Wow!! It can't be serious!!!

Mark: It seems to be so!

The show ends under the cheerings of the crowd
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Bobkill's Dungeon second show
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