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 Getting Ready!

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PostSubject: Getting Ready!   Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:48 pm

Bobkill is seen in the locker room doing some stretching before is match when suddendly Newton storms in...

Newton: hmm... hmm

Bobkill turns around and face Newton

Bobkill: What do you want Newton? Can't you see that i'm warming up for my upcoming match?

Newton: Hmm.. I'm sorry Sir...

Bobkill: You better be sorry...

The crowd can be heared in the background cheering

Bobkill: So.. you didn't answer me yet... What do you want?

Newton: Hmm... I'm here to.. well get your comments about your match tonight! So.. what do you think of it?

Bobkill: I'll tell you Newton that firstable, I hate to be interrupted for some stupids reasons.

The crowd is still cheering

Bobkill: Secondly, after last week, i'm not completely at 100% and finally, i'm kinda upset not to be in tonight's main event.

Newton: But.. Bobkill... i'm taking about tonight's match against Mizore and Jsweet...

Bobkill: Damn Newton... you asked me for some comments and I gave you some...

Bobkill is visibly upset

Bobkill: I'll tell you this then. I respect Jsweet for stepping in the ring against Chandler... but tonight.. it's another thing...

Bobkill looks at the camera

Bobkill: don't take it personnal Jsweet, but tonight won't be yours. I have a lot of frustrations to let out and you'll taste my wrath. I won't stop until you are motionless..

The crowd still cheers

Newton glumps

Newton: Well.. well.. well... and how about Mizore sir?

Bobkill takes a long pause

Bobkill: One thing for sure Newton... I won't do the mistake to take her skills lightly. I saw what she did to Jsweet last week. I know that she's one hell of a crazy girl. I'll do whatever it takes to finish my night victorius. It won't be easy.. I agree on that. I'll take her seriously and I'll try to stay away from her devastating submission manuvers... Falls count anywhere match.. that's something I like because I can use whatever I want. Do you have other questions Newton, because I have to finish my warmup now..

Newton: No.. no...

The camera fades while Newton is getting out of the locker room
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Getting Ready!
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