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 Angadialas "Green Lightning"

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PostSubject: Angadialas "Green Lightning"   Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:34 am

As bio in my profile says:
Angadialas from young years was interested in anything concerning ocultism and magic. He learned the ways of mediation and tried himself in performing rituals with his friends. Quickly he was the only one from the "old" magic circle left in it. All others found their way of life and jobs, then families. He stayed focused on his goal. Along those years he found that he had another passion witch was fighting, although he didn't follow any style because he found his own. He had unique finesse in it but it was also more of a show then a tougth fighting style, he didn't fit in any of those. Quickly he learned of industries that supported such freestyle figthing and decided to spread the word of truth about mysticism and magic by showing it to the world. Thus he became a fighter in the wrestling industires.

But that is all history, now you can see the real Angadilas and know that he is:
- violent
- ruthless
- uncontrollable

He also has super ego and cares little about any rules. Expect him to attack you backstage, use a lot of tools in a ring and any means necessary when he sets his eyes or something. He almost never cares about titles unless they belong to someone he want's to put down or humliate.
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Angadialas "Green Lightning"
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