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 A rp sample

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PostSubject: A rp sample   A rp sample I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 11:40 am

The lights in the arena turn dim and 'Good day to die' - by godsmack starts to play.
Smoke covers up the entrance ramp and out of the smoke emerges a hooded figure. He appears to be wearing a hoodie with the words H17 written in the front and at the back.

He starts walking towards the ring in a cocky manner which makes the crowd to barrage him with loud boos and 'you suck' chants. He enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and points to himself. He signals to the technical worker to give him the mic... and then he pushes the technical worker away and gives a proud grin.

The crowd boos even more after this,but helnik17 just smiles and waits for it to die down and starts speaking...

Helnik17: Hey, guys. Guess what? There is somebody in this arena who is better than you people, there is somebody in this arena who can whoop every wrestlers rear end, there is one wrestler who is the best in professional wrestling..and that is, yours truly, Helnik17.

The crowd chants 'you suck', you suck' while helnik just laughs.

Helnik17: I don't think there is anyone in that roster who has the talent and the skill to face a guy like me who is talented, has good ring presence and is certainly handsome. Ain't I right ladies?

Every woman in the arena starts booing.

Helnik17:I might be young but i am a very gifted wrestler and i have accomplished much more than you people have accomplished in your whole life time.

Helnik17 pauses and gets frustrated with all the boos from the crowd.

Helnik17:Can you hypocrites shut up.All you guys know to do is boo or cheer.Really? Get a life!

Suddenly CM Funk's theme song starts to play and the crowd goes wild as James Young walks out to their cheers.He seems to holding a mic.

Helnik17:Now what do you want junior?Some wrestling tips i presume?

CM Funk: No!

Helnik17:Maybe tips on how to look good.(points at his abs)

CM Funk: No! But what I do want is me having a match with you where I can whoop that rear end of yours and lay you knocked out on the mat!

The crowd cheers like crazy and chants 'CM Funk'.

Helnik17: You want a match junior? You got it. Just be ready to get owned by me. Because the moment I step into that ring you will see how easily Hell breaks lose!!So be ready Flunky or whatever in the blue hell your damn name is....cos' hell's coming your way.

CM Funk: Actions speak louder than words. So lets see if you can backup all that you said...JUNIOR!!!

With that CM Funk music starts playing as helnik17 stares at him from the ring and keeps repeating the same words"hell's coming your way"to CM Funk.
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A rp sample
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