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 jsweets pre match rp

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PostSubject: jsweets pre match rp   Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:30 pm

The lights dim, fireworks start shooting and out come jsweet wearing his trademark tuxedo.
Jsweet struts down to the ring and stands dead in the center of the ring.

jsweet: Ladies and Gentlemen i am the most charismatic, sexiest, most Xtreme wrestler on this roster but you can call me The Sweetman or jsweet for short.
My only goal is to excite the crowds and bring the Xtreme but majestic side back to wrestling rather than your regular dumb and ugly wrestlers that could be mistaken for cave men.

(all of a sudden sudden The unseeable appears out of nowhere with a referee)
The unseeable: I am about to make you pay for what you said.

jsweet: i would like to see you try.

(jsweet takes of his trademark tuxedo relieving his wrestling suit and a stunning six pack)

jsweet: lets do this thing.

(the bell rings and match starts)
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jsweets pre match rp
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