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 Mark Callous/Rapture Bio

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Mark Callous

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PostSubject: Mark Callous/Rapture Bio   Mark Callous/Rapture Bio I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 8:33 pm

Ring Gear : Black Pants, Black Bandanna And Black Short Top

Name : Mark Callous

Ring Names : Mark Callous

Age : 22

Born : July 28, 1989

Height : 6'1""

Weight : 218 LB

Personality : Heel

Nicknames : Soul Reaper

Mark Callous (born on July 28,1989) was born
and rasied on the violence streets of Chicago
in the United States Of America. He was brought
up by a family which included his Mum Eve
and Dad Tom along with sister Maria who had
their sights at wrestling but never achieved
this ambition. Mark graduated from Pscfic
Collegiate Acadmey with his childhood friend
Jmk with the pair both achieving a good set of
A-grades. Everyone at school and in his family
believed that Mark has mental and physical
strength along with sharp mind which would have
let him into all sorts of jobs. Hs family had
all sorts of high hopes. After a few months,
he turned his attention to mixed martial arts
which is a full contact combat sport that
allows the use of both stirking and grappling
techinques, both standing and on the ground
including boxing, Brazilan jiu-jitsu, wrestling
muay Thai, kickboxing, taekwondo, karate, judo,
kung fu and other styles. There's also a major
emphasis on breathing correctly.

However, Mark took the route of his family and
decided to turn down all Martial arts offers
to just do wrestling. Mark thought that he
would be able to be the first ever man to
wrestle in a Professinal wrestling arena and
recieving good contracts with main-eventer status.
He took sorts science and P.E for a exam
of becoming a pro wrestler in which he achieved
an an A-grade. He was ready for wrestling and
all sorts of companies were willing to accept him.
Mark applied for a highly top classed wrestling
company but they turned him down after finding out
he was rasied in a family who failed there
wrestling steps. Mark then only managed to get
a contract with the TWG world due to his abitles
which are speed, techinque and strength.
When in the middle of health checks, the doctor
reavled Mark had anger and drinking problems
which could make him lose temper but rapildy
prevents that.
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Mark Callous/Rapture Bio
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