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 Prophesied entrance

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PostSubject: Prophesied entrance   Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:41 pm

Music starts playing as Angadialas makes his way to the ramp, some fans scream in excitement others go "BOO". Angadialas looks around and walks slowly to the ring, along the way he makes a hand gesture to someone from the staff and as soon as he's next to the ring the said staff member brings him a microphone.

Angadialas: You can shut the music now!

The hall becomes less noisy, only a faint sound is heard from the audience as people are puzzled as to what is Angadialas thinking right now.

Angadialas: I know that some of you have been awaiting my arrival here. Well,l here I am, happy now? And for those of you who didn't, after tonight's sacrifice you will regret that your eyes weren't open for the truth that I bring. Your just cows waiting for slaughter, you're blind but telling yourself that it's just dark! Let me open your eyes!

Angadialas throws away the microphone and jumps on the ring.
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Prophesied entrance
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