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 Starlight Genius PPV debut!

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Starlight Genius PPV debut! Empty
PostSubject: Starlight Genius PPV debut!   Starlight Genius PPV debut! I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2012 9:51 am

At backstage area. The camera pans to one wrestler. It's Thumbster

Thumbster: So this is it. The end of the season. First, I would like to congrats XZW for an awesome season we have.

Thumbster: Now, let's get to the point. Tonight, we have XZW championship match. We have XFW championship match. Two main-events. With 4 great wrestlers. Too bad I miss the boat in those main-event.

Thumbster: But do I really need to be in those main-event. If I can create the main-event myself! So tonight, I'm planing to steal the show from everyone with the match that I gonna face Mihanchik! I'll put everything into this match. I'll use many of moves that I never use before in this match. And I'll walk out in this season as the winner!

Thumbster: So Mihanchik, If you don't me to squash you so easily. You better step up your game too! And after the PPV end. Nobody will talking about Jin, Angadialas, Jonathon Wulf or Myrskey. Everybody will talking about me, "Starlight Genius" Thumbster!
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Starlight Genius PPV debut!
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