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 The love triangle (part 2)

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The love triangle (part 2) Empty
PostSubject: The love triangle (part 2)   The love triangle (part 2) I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2012 5:35 pm

The camera fades in showing the door of a backstage room. On the backstage room is spelled CRAYOLA and big letters.
TheNameLess comes by, still sweaty from his match and performance. He knocks on the door and walks in. Inside the room is CRAYOLA sitting in a chair in front a mirror, she is getting her make up done. TheNameLess stands next to her.

TheNameLess: Hey, I'm TheNameLess, nice to meet you

TheNameLess politely bows

CRAYOLA: Well, I guess nice to meet you too.

TheNameLess: Were you impressed by my performance? I mean, good looking people like you is what I do all the effort for. And not to be suggestive, but I'm still single you know.

TheNameLess shamelessly checks out Crayola's body.

CRAYOLA: Now don't push your luck here.. I know you are single, but I'm not. I'm in a happy relationship with Mark Callous.

TheNameLess: Of course I know that, but there is always room for change isn't there. I mean wouldn't you like a real man?

CRAYOLA: Well...

Mark Callous happily walks into CRAYOLA's room, his expression quickly changes as he spots TheNameLess.

Mark Callous: What are you doing here!?

TheNameLess: I was just showing your girl what a real man is.

Mark Callous pushes TheNameless against the wall.

Mark Callous: You better leave her alone, or I'll force you to leave here alone!

TheNameLess pushes him back.

TheNameLess: Don't overreact so much Mark, you are in a happy relationship right? I'm sure she can handle some.... Manpower.

TheNameless flirtiously looks at CRAYOLA and leaves. The camera fades out whilst showing the last remnants of CRAYOLA and Mark arguing.

Permission needed: CRAYOLA & Mark Callous
I think this would fit best after my match, just before the other segment which CRAYOLA wrote (yes I will make this preference known later on)
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The love triangle (part 2)
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